Monday, January 24, 2011

Chloe’s 1ST Bday!

Went over to Aloha Loyang for Chloe’s 1st Bday party!
We got there really early
and had to leave early too!
So early that we missed Chloe’s cake cutting
and missed The Simpsons arrival boohoo

The bungalow was HUGE
Its the 1st time I’ve been there
they had a huge hall, 4 bedrooms and a huge bbq space outdoors
I believe the mozzies there were huge too

Sweetest Chloe!!! SQUEEZE!!! omg love her eyes

Sexy Chloe’s picture greeted us at the door

must do one for Trev’s 2nd bday!!!!

The big hall indoors while I took the pic from outdoors
Theme for Chloe’s bday was Mickey & friends
but we were told to dress up as any cartoon characters

Dressed Trev as batman since he can no longer fit into his
cutesie Elmo suit

We were boring parents and came in all black
Kaixin’s friends were so spontaneous
They came as snow white, minnie mouse, and the simpsons
SAD no pictures from me

tug o war with Melody

Trev happily took his goodie bag and zhaoz

stickers sweets colour pencils and super ringsssss! <3

Salina and me! Miss miss!
Havent seen her for a realllllly long time
She got Trev an Elmo puppet
and a bodyshop parfum for me for Xmas! <3
Thanks dearie!!

Chloe before she changed into her bday suit!

Melody, Chloe, and Trev!

The one year old Chloe with the bushiest healthiest head of hair
literally FREE ONE!

Sharing her baby bites with greedy Trev!

Melody and Trev dancing to the hot dog song

Chloe in her minnie bday suit that her mummy ordered online!

Kaixin was a great host
even sent us out when we had to leave
AND never forget to take pictures with us LOL

eh i am noob lor
this is the first time i took pics via the polaroid
hmm well maybe got take before
but is at zoo with orang utans
that one they use polaroids too right?!

using Salina’s polaroid
Hubby was the photographer
take pic of us til he wanna get one too –.-

Trev giving Chloe a tight suffocating hug before we left

Thanks for the invitation!!!o
Kids bday parties makes me happppppy!!!
next one is who? LOL