Friday, January 21, 2011

Cheryth’s 2ND Bday!

Attended Cheryth’s 2nd Birthday party at Cdans!
We arrived late cos I waited for hubby to come back
home from his day sail before we went over together

Theme of Cheryth’s party was Winne the Pooh & Friends!

Huixian & Family

Cheryth was really cheery and greeted us with her toothy grin
such a sweetheart she is!

With the Mummies!
Evelynn, Sophia, Huixian and Yanwen
GOTTA BLAME MY HUBBY for this ONE miserable pic,
thats all blurry BOO HOO


Trev and Chlovelle keepin themselves busy

Up to some mischief

Velle admiring Cheryth’s cake lol

Sophia with Christelle

Cake was YUMMMMMMMY!!!
Even yummier than pinegarden LOL
and we still thought it was from PG

finger lickin good!

Happy birthday Cheryth!
Glad that im a mummy now HEHEHE
cant be a kid and receive goodie bags
BUT i can KEEP Trev’s goodie bag LOL

Getting really excited for Trev’s 2nd Bday in April!
AND Chlovelle’s themed party in March!!!

WA WA WA WA lotsa preparations and planning to be done!
Can’t wait!!!!!