Thursday, December 09, 2010

Zoo Zoo

Mummy managed to get the zoo pass from her coy
on wednesday
So we went after lunch at Compass Point!

Trev with his "LETS GO" action
all excited for our zoo trip!

sit carseat sit until bu nai fan

on the way to mandai

hope the person beside me is not kana force to go one
cos he got that "i owe him 25cents face" HAHAHAH

my mom's blouse look like cow HA HA HA

i think now's the bestest time
for Trev to visit the zoo!

For the past few visits
he was jus sitting like a blur boy in the rented wagon
clueless and not as curious as he is now
He was super excited that day!


love this pic of Trev

his hair is almost poking into his eyes.....
dreading the visit to the hairdresser
cos i am sure Trev will fidget like mad

timid Trev wary of the Otters

Zookeeper Trev lol

Spotted a monitor lizard by the pathway

Trev loved the baboons

Trev loves this from his daddy

waiting for the rainforest show to begin

super brave ang mo got picked from the audience

Trev's hair too long le

it was almost Trev's naptime after the show ended
so we hurridly brought him to the Kidzworld for waterplay!

Trev not warmed up yet


LOL looks quite similar to his chua dio face

I think its time to get him a new swimsuit of a bigger size

slowly warming up
Ok warm up liao

he enjoys waterplay the most!

Daddy giving Trev instructions

lol his reaction was so classic and funny!

all sorts of weird cheeky pattern started showing...
marching on water huh?

little merman


Trev using his 引力。literallylol u see his hands


this was too hardcore
Trev didnt even wanna attempt running through it

the one whom i 又爱又恨lol

making friends on his way

dont know what he wants to do

then dark clouds came and we changed him up
had lunch at a not 3 not 4 timing
dont even know if its lunch or dinner lol

and the moment we went into kfc, it started pouring
walked the remaining journey with an umbrella
and Trev in his raincover

glad that we still managed to see a drenched giraffe
and a lion hiding in its den
saw a 落汤ostrich too

my mum here,
dont know why look so happy even in the rain

i heart family days
hope they'll stay great.