Saturday, December 04, 2010

Sesame Street LIVE

met up with mummies
Huixian, Yanwen, Salina, Caslin and Pearl
at PS on Wednesday

Missed the Elmo concert a few months back
and felt really bad but i finally had the chance to bring Trev
to see his fav monster from sesame street!!!
together with the mummies and their angels!

HOW FASCINATING was it for the kids
to be able to see what theyve been watching and loving from the screens
now in person!!!!?!
i dont know why Ernie and Bert are such great friends
its almost like they're gay,
but sesame st characters IZ LOVE
Phelove xiao baobei

first time Trev and Chlovelle sat so far apart ha ha ha

Elmo is so lovable!

Trev learnt alot from Ernie
especially from Ernie's song "Sing After Me"
Trev learnt where's his nose eyes cheeks and chin from Ernie's song de k!!

My dearest enjoying the show

I think Trev made me love Elmo alot more too

wished i had spent $30 and above
to be entitled to a phototaking session w the monsters

At that moment when i saw the families going up onstage
to have their pictures taken,
i felt super emotional
very heartwarming de hor?

Then we left PS and went to NEX
while little miss forgetful full speed charged home
to check if she had turned off her stove
and luckily she did

we went to swensens for lunch
thats Trev with his mimi eyes
and Trev says corn like : KKKOR
(like old men wanna spit)
Yanwen Cheryth and Caslin
Caslin too ganjiong to turn away

VERY UPSET we didnt take pictures of the entire kids crew
not scared, got next time!

& I think NEX is the bestest thing that has every happened to Serangoon
and circle line of cos HA HA