Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Merry X’Mas 2010

Merry Christmas!


We’ve got 12 days of Christmas to be merry!

X’mas this year was fun filled
and I spent it well with my friends and family!
Santa didnt visit. But I think I just developed his tummy.

On X’mas Eve, we went for late dinner with my dad and mom.


Had teochew porridge for dinner!
Wine and stuffed Turkey, not our thing HA HA

After dinner,
we met Pearl’s and Yanwen’s family at NEX
and drove to Keppel Bay to act one romantic!

Who’s that EMO ing?


Having suicidal thoughts

小两口’s romantic moment

Trev takes the initiative LOL

Wanna shoot Trev for eating tofu




The Happy THREE friends





It wasnt easy gathering the kids together for a picture


look how the adults have given up



The kids had fun with NERF



Packing up to leave!


Spent the first minute of Christmas with the families
and decided on bringing the kids back home to sleep
then to meet again for supper and games!

A380 Pearl put us aeroplane (HAHA)
HAHAHAHA at first flight was delayed.
Delayed until become cancelled lollol

Yanwen, Lewis, Hubby and I
settled down at Swensens
and started with the game Guesstures.
We gotta make the other 3 guess the word on our card with only actions before the card disappears into the ‘hole’

Laughed like an ah siao.
CANNOT STAND Yanwen and Lewis’s expressions!

They got me laughing like mad
til the air all trapped around my kidneys.
If i were to laugh any harder I would have gotten a stitch alr

And so we ate and laughed til 5AM?
I still cant get over the expression when Lewis said
Swensens shld have named their steak Bloody Sirloin…
HAHAHAH so funny!!!
but i know u all wont understand one LOL

They made our X’mas eve so much fun!

The waffle that was insatiably good it gave me STM
cos i couldnt remember
where & what i did on the 1st day of xmas


On the 2nd day of Christmas there were no turtle doves,
but i finally relented and went to Teoheng KTV with hubby
who so desperately wants to hold his mini concert lol

Deejay was me singer was him

went to the 24 HR cafe for supper



Custard bun mamahuhu



The XLBs juice shot very far upon chewing



30 cents ICE WATER lol



Parked his car at the carpark right outside the cafe
Customers from the cafe were entitled
to a $2 complimentary parking coupon.

We parked less than an hour and the total parking fee was $4.50…
only after that we realized
there was FREE parking at the open carpark –.-


so not used to this windows live writer
but it saved me alot of time from the tedious 5 by 5 image uploader


2010 may not have been the best year for me you and us
but xmas this year was joyful and memorable
2011 in just a few days!

I just hope things work out for all of us
and that we 顺顺利利,平平安安,事事顺利,年轻貌美 LOL

I love my hubby, my Trev, my family!