Friday, December 31, 2010

A few days before xmas,
Aunty Veni bought a christmas tree and set it up
as a gift for mum!

I helped out while Trev the destroyer
or his intentions weren’t to 帮 at all

Trev wows at the tree when it lights up!
then proceeds to pinch the light bulbs

the tree wasn’t exactly marvellous
& looked a little awkward
but it did bring us the festive ‘mood’ Open-mouthed smile

LOL look what we did with the extra accessories?
want pretty dont want safety!

Cos the Santa decoration blocked our peep hole
cant see who’s at the door lor hahaha
look pretty ridiculous ah? lol

Aunty Veni & Trev busy with something

Shame shame Trev only in diapers
& i just noticed the star looks awkward
like it was being hold up by some supernatural force

Mummy facing rejection from Trev haha!

On the eve of Christmas eve,
23rd of December, the suspense was about to kill us
so we tucked Trev in bed and headed out.

Just the two of us,
to the airport,
for supper and gift exchange!


Hubby getting my present from the boot
I was clueless of what I was gonna receive
So was he
I dont have BOOT to hide my present
so i had to hide it in a recycled bag


Night menu at Changi Airport’s Swensens was quite different
Choices were limited

Black pepper seafood pasta that we both shared
SHARED yet couldn’t finish it cos it was TOO spicy

either my appetite wasn’t very good
or the calamari just didn’t taste good

smile detection on my camera failed

gave hubby a handwritten xmas card
if you’re like me,
think that the card didn’t look that bad,
and refuse to kana tock by HALLMARK,

i bought the card from Daiso LOL

CAN YOU give me my present now?!

WAAAAaAA BUT Chanel paper bag is act one hahahaha

what’s this?!! Surprised smile

He may not be the richest guy
he may not be the nicest guy
he might not have savings
but he is willing to spend on us

Thank u, love u.
& pls, don’t do this to other girls
if not,
2 words no say

i’ll just CHOP

he told me he got this for me cos he wants me to be
u dont break my heart i’ll be happy too

but i’m rly happy and thankful
cuz now im enjoying the comfort of surfing and blogging while
lying down on my bed

thank you dearie!

Shortly after, I gave him the gift from me
can’t help but feel that the gift i got for him wasn’t as great
as the one he gave to me

but still, it was something different.
2 yrs of Xmas both also gave him watches
this year it was something different
and something he would use
something he needed

hope it made him happy!

agnes b shades
to replace his ‘PAPAYA’ shades from BKK

This was yet another memorable Christmas for the both of us
I hope 2011 will bring us better days
I just hope my life, my kid, and my marriage keeps gettin’ better

Trev was an angel this Christmas.
He enjoyed unwrapping the gifts!
I wish for ultimate bliss and happiness EVERY xmas!

Can’t wait to welcome 2011!