Monday, December 13, 2010


CSM brought us all together
Weird, cos i was at the car workshop w hubby and
the sun was scorching hot there
so i left him to wait alone and brought Trev to CSM to shop

Then while i was walking around like a dum dum
Sophia whatsapped me informing me that
Evelynn, Sherlyn and her will be going over to CSM soon

Then after meeting up w them,
Yanwen happened to be on her way to CSM w her family
so was Jen and fam.
mister grumps

Kayla and Christelle

heard the mummies mention that
Christelle calls Kayla KOR KOR

Cant see Harrison n Jennifer omgomg

The kids' MUST-GO playground

UniQuetius looking worried!

"BETMAN" (betman cos pirated one) to the rescue!

Still dare to hold with only one hand

Victim, Bandit and Batman

That day Trev didnt interest Velle

Eating lime til face steam

everyone looked really grumpy in this pic

the kids while waiting for the bubbles

secretly take pic of sop's handsome hubby LOL

my ah pek

Trev wanna bring Kayla go watch the stars some day

Trev to Kayla : CALL ME~

Impromtu meetup,
thou time spent was short but fun.
Loves times like this when all the kids get together!