Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Bar with no Ney

Met up w momma Yanwen, Pearl, Sophia, Salina, and Huixian
for Barney at United Square
but the crowd was horrible
so we skipped Barney and went for lunch instead

kids meal at Swensens~

Pearl and Phelove with her pinky up

Xiao ke ai eat biscuits with pinky raised up

Sophia w Princess Trisha

Acting dao at first
wanna cover her face from me

Princess Trisha was in a good mood

Flashed her loveliest smile!

then buey song again

the way Chlovelle savours her fish and chips


put the live barney aeroplane
so take pic with the cardboard ones

Trev got really cranky and started crying
Jiejie Cheryth took hankie from me and wiped Trev's tears!

So sweet~

Then i had to leave early

wouldnt dare to go United Sq alone
cos the mrt exit has a flight of stairs
NIGHTMARE for moms with prams!