Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Brought Trev for his lessons at LNT last fri. This time round it's Chinese!

It was weird
Imagine switching from the usual
"very good! Well done!"
To saying it in Chinese.

Chlovelle, Trev and Daryl

After class, I went to vivo to meet Pearl and Phelove

Phelove and Trev on a sesame Street kiddy ride

Shortly after lunch,
TAITAI Pearl insisted on going for
(as quoted) HiGHTEA!
Yes that's what she said

And she wanted cakes but I hated cakes
So we went to Haagen daz
for dessert

My boring waffle w cookies & cream and boring strawberry ice cream

Price not boring.
Very fascinating.

Grumpy Trev was a brat tht day!
Misbehaved in the train and when we were shopping.

I ordered a plain cone for him to munch on

After a long day, I went
home and gave Trev his milk and tucked him into bed.

Jus to share Trev's weird habit

His hands/fingers will move ard in search for his navel when he's drinking his milk or when he's about to fall asleep
Then he'll dig dig dig dig dig

I'll be blogging from the com soon
It's jus that..... I've been too.... Bz gg out hahahaha must start being a mole and stay in my hole otherwise my pocket will have big hole

K thx, patience pls & bye!

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