Tuesday, November 02, 2010


Hubby being a huge fan of MacDonalds,

ate mcd so much & got himself a

1 for 1 sg flyer deal from mcd's monopoly

He came home from work early on Friday

and brought us to the flyer! ^^

hubs and Trev by the sg flyer's pond

fam luuuuv

everywhere's halloween themed

freaky uh?

proceeding towards the flight entrance


feels very much like the airport procedure
security was high

Before we even boarded an announcement was made
and that the flights will only resume once the skies clears
(there was dark clouds and lightning)

went to the concierge
watched tv hung around
waited waited waited -.-

Orang utan plushie with probably a gazillion dustmites

my super cock husband
expression was supposed to be
Speechless, but he makes me smile :D

Robotic Trev inseparable from his raisins

Finally! skies cleared up
and we proceeded to board the capsule!

Headed in!

"Taking off"

Lighting on the sg flyer was good for camwhoring
I noticed alot of us locals take the sg flyer
and post our pics on fb
but the pics out of 50 only 10 is the scenary
40 is to camwhore hahahaha

lush greenery!

Trev pointing at the F1 Racetrack


Us with the weird looking structure behind

Grabbing Trev for a pic

Too rough and he toppled omg fail!

the moment he starts his ninja stunts
we'd have to stop him
then he go back to doing it again
very persistent
If the glass breaks thats it

still digging into his raisins

when we got to the peak,
hubby freaked out hahaha had to sit and stay still
hes super scared of heights

Hubby holding onto the bench LOL

The floating platform! looks awesome!

Can see barrage on the far left!

we have durians (esplanade)
now have one more coconut

started drizzling again!

Ride ended in like less than 45 mins?
I wouldnt have taken the sg flyer
if it wasnt for that 1 for 1 deal
cos i find it super expensive
$29.50 for an adult
But it was an experience to keep (for a v long time)
and time was well spent with Trev and Hb :D

we left and went to Leisure park for dinner

My friday was so fun packed
Class with Trev in the morning,
Flyer with hubby and Trev in the noon
Then mummies meet up at night

Gon try to blog the mummies night post hopefully by tonight!