Tuesday, November 02, 2010

1st lesson!

It was Trev's very 1st lesson at Little Neuro Tree
last friday morning.
He'll be attending the classes with Chlovelle and Daryl
& it'd be a weekly affair :)

I woke up exceptionally early to pack and prepare
woke and bathed Trev to freshen him up
I ditched the zhor deng stroller
and off we went!

walking to the lift
I was very hyped up

HEHEHEHE my big boy!

Journey to TPY for me was interesting!
I took the train to serangoon,
switched to the circle line,
took the circle line to Bishan,
switched to the red line and to TPY!

Trev was cooperative (thank god)

flashing his signature smile on the circle line


Met Crystal & Yanwen for Macs breakie
then we went in for class together

Trev busy plucking fruits from the trees

Trev and Daryl bz with their hands on activities

Yanwen and velle seated on the far left

It was tough getting Trev to sit still
i think i have to stop bringing him to Fidgets
now he keeps fidgetting
(not funny hahaha)

i hope Trev'll perform much better in the next few lessons

Daryl & Velle nomming on gummies

I find the lesson at LNT entertaining
with hands on activities that i myself would have never thought of -.-
If only Trev was slightly more attentive
a little more curious about what the teacher was gonna show them
than those paper cut fruit trees at the back of the class

I hope Trev'll benefit from this term at LNT!!

Above's the video of Trev in class

My little baby is ALL GROWN UP LE!!
*teary eyes*

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