Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Kite Flying @ Barrage

Met up with Yanwen and family
and we went to the Barrage together

Hubby got his very first kite
I am not a very kite person
But i find it really fun and joyful to watch two toddlers interact

Like shooting MTV
Velle emo
Ok hi
Chlovelle dao look! hahaha

Hubby setting up the kite, am impressed cos he's never done this before and he quietly set it all up by himself

Velle pointing at the kites

Trev with his bubble solution baseball bat
Got the seh
going american style, play baseball one

Hubby and Yanwen's hubby flying their kites
Trev kaypo, mix one leg

cute bubble solution in cute bottle!


O, how time flies
the first time we went to the barrage,
Trev was sitting on his bumbo
happily playing w his spider plushie
now he runs around like its for free

Trev pissed with me for pulling him aside to take a picture
Our lips like same!!!! HOR HOR HOR?

Our kite is up!
I went over to kpo and tried reeling
shortly after that the "string" got cut off by other kites
then the kite flew and landed in the barrage water/dam(?)
Mayb i caused it hahaha
luckily someone with a boat helped hubby retrieve his virgin kite

super 投入

Trev if u want to learn how to play baseball, can.
Just dont learn to use baseball bat to whack people

Trev and Chlovelle did some catching up

Love this pic!
Same pose!

Velle sit like that ur leg wont pain ah
So young learn yoga already lol

Yanwen's 眼神!

Chlovelle reception very good
Antenna very cute

Velle knows how to handle the NERF guns

She looks good holding them!

Somehow they look like they're playing WII

Mat not for us to sit is for us to put things
Interesting hahaha

Chlovelle's back view
like she's shy or smth!

Trev secretly checks Velle out

Our ammo support TEAM

Chlovelle in pink Trev in blue
Standard boy mus blue girl mus pink

Happily willingly picking up the bullets for us
while the adults continue to reload and shoot

They look so funny and cute from far!

Kids werent really interested in bubbles
that day

Snack time!

Some ah siao brought his $400(hope never hear wrongly)
OCTOPUS KITE to barrage

SO huge, if everybody's kite is of this size,
then i think the sky really is the limit,

it is huge one lor i think the size of the eyeball bigger than my face
and i was looking at the kite
i appeared like a retard in the picture

confirm alot of insects died
all kana crushed and smashed like roti prata char kwey tiao
because the guy dragged his kite along the grass

Yanwen trying to convince Velle to be on her team
hahahahaha i am ding dong

shootout begins!

Yanwen and Lewis having fun
next time if husband say something that offended u,
n u jus wanna vent ur anger,
can take nerf and shoot
if feeling abit more angsty jus change the styrofoam bullets to maybe....
to maybe, um....
to maybe metal one lor

Lewis bought 2 nerf guns after we left the barrage!
next time if we wanna meet up and play with guns we have them to join us!

The kids havin a drink after runnin to and fro,
picking up the bullets



guys shld take initiative what right?

but Velle doesnt like it
Dont worry first kiss always not good experience one HAHAHAH

Velle looked like she regretted
Trev is like......
nevermind lor

Yanwen wants to sit on me
Velle so sweet! willingly sat on my lap,
didnt move didnt struggle
for a good 5-10 mins
if its Trev he'll be like struggling, head hit my nose
pull my hair take my specs
my head ji big yi xia


Hubby with Trev
got feel

awhile father point,
awhile son point.
Im always left out from their sweetest moments

Mouth open so big

then we brought them to the water playground

Trev's tight ass without diapers

Chlovelle with her signature tutu mouth

Lilo lost her Stitch...

Trev 练功


i love the kids backviews!
each at one side!

Lewis Yanwen and hubby relac one corner

We left to Marina sq for Sakae at around dinner time
Our fam pic from Yanwen's cam

It was a great day out
People double date,
we double family

my eyes now double vision
cos blogging today took doubly long
if dont go to bed now,
my fatigue level will double
my emotions will turn unstable
cant handle late nights anymore cos i not capable
must sleep now before i turn into bubble

OK mai lo so liao bye!