Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kidz Amaze!

Met up with Yanwen and Family last Saturday!
& we went to Kidz Amaze at Jurong Safra
Chlovelle was all cheery and bright that day!

We had our lunch together at Jack's Place!
coped a few pics from Yanwen
if i didnt compare the pics from my cam with hers,
maybe i wont be that depressed hahaha
pic from my cam.
many more lao ya pok quality ones i just didnt blog them

Trev stabbing the plate

Expression from Trev after tasting a lemon is classic hahhaha

where's his eyes?

yummy minestrone soup
thick and rich mm mm mmm

hope she's cheery cos of Trev hahaha

entering Kidz Amaze!

Trev on all smiles

balls all around! Trev's favvvvv

why cross bridge mus hold netting one?
both of them scared bridge will break ah HAAHAHA

Chlovelle was Trev's 背后的女人

This slide reminded me of that slide at Genting!!!

Exhilarating LIKE SRSLY
there's like a PIAK PIAK PIAK sound when we slided down
and its SO fast
A must try! cos....
if u never try u'll never know

Velle getting ready for her ride down with Daddy!

Trev went down this slide
and perhaps his arm was swinging around
He hurt his arm from the friction of the speed
resulting in a slight abrasion


默默地望着Trev LOL

My husband EVERYTHING also want to win
everything also want to conquer
He kept holding onto a bag of balls
kept throwing the balls at me he also happy

lewis and velle in action hahaha blur max


Yanwen and me :D
Both stronger by a muscle after all that climbing




shy shy

no flower, got ball..
u want?
velle smiling shyly
im yours~~~ lol

Hubby showcasing his talent in acting
Trev threw a ball at him u see..

then to jurong point for Delifrance!

check out the video of Trev being a bully

Needa go get bz now.