Saturday, November 06, 2010


Met up with Sophia and Yanwen
together with Trev, Chlovelle and Trisha, for lunch on Thursday
Sophia was on half day (RARE)
So we the NEL neighbours decided on meeting at CSM

Havin our lunch at Kopitiam

Chlovelle and Trisha

Sweetness overload!

Cranky Trev
refused to let me go buy my food
had to bring him along zz

Velle velle havin apple juice

Chlovelle looking cheeky
Sort of like hiding from Trev

Trev and Chlovelle were playing "catching"
Chlovelle squealed in excitement

Then Trisha got so shaken HAHAHAHA

Trisha lets down her pineapple hair

Yanwen saving Velle from Trev's "claws"
Trev has this very ...... conquering move
Hug people til they fall on their back...
I think Velle knows Trev well
She wont go too near
if she feels smth amiss she'll jus shriek and run hahaha
Looking at a tiny worm

Spot the black worm!
Velle's not afraid!


Sophia's sister lol


Chlovelle has a lotta expressions!

Not an uncommon expression from Trev

this pic like naughty and sickening boy!
not cute!!

Trev leveled up already
Can climb this!

Princess Trisha " Chlovelle u must be an arms length away from me "
COS IM SCARED OF U hahahahaha

If Trev shows me this face,
I wont bear to whack him hahaha

I think Trev's waiting for Chlovelle

Terrified! Cus of the worm!

The kids had fun
Trev sweat like mad
We shopped around after Sophia left

I had gongcha
I bought egg tarts that i never thought of buying
but did so after Yanwen did
i think im very addicted

I just wanna keep going to CSM to buy and eat
then buy and eat
then buy and eat and buy and eat

ok now bye and eat