Thursday, November 18, 2010


Lynn sent out the fb invites about a month or two ago
and suggested we come up with a pot luck thingy

Went to SKP for the trays
and NTUC for the necessary ingredients
Hubby was out on duty
and came back only on that very morning

“Kebabs" that took me hours

Over enthu, prepared sandwiches too.
Tuna, Ham, Banana and choco spread
and strawberry cream

while i got bz with the preparation,
Trev was bz with something else too...

Bloody SKP cover needa be secured by rubberbands

Trev after his bath


& becuz we were meeting at 1,
i took some time to prepare Trev's lunch

I took the whole morning
Yanwen and fam waited like forever for us
Hubby drove us all to Palawan beach
and we were so late.
Jen, Jen's hubby and Yiling took pictures of us as we walked towards them

Chlovelle super excited

Not afraid of the sand at all!

Trev used to be really scared of the sand
didnt have to worry about him roaming around cos
he'd never set his foot on the sandy beach

He grew out of his fear!
Now still can take sand throw Velle -.-

Jen and Uniquetius

secretly take a shot of Princessy Trisha

Ok sorry la boss

Nicnic was kinda freaked out by the sand
Spot his ballerina feet

"one feet kana better than both feet kana"

The kids bz w sandplay!

She's got a manmade "stool"

Sophia relax one corner munch on food
her sister tending to Trisha

Sop, ur sister dont look v happy
if one day ur soup during dinner taste abit funny,
u no need to ask why

mummies that day!
Lynn, Jen, Sophia, Yanwen and Caslin!

Yanwen and fam filming MTV


Uniquetius amused by the NERF guns

Everyone of us
Group pic iz with Jen
Lets all wait for her update on our outing!

Can see who's living in their own world?

so 甜蜜
whether or not Paul wanna kiss Lynn in public maybe can go ask him hahah

Trev, construction worker very 辛苦的
next time if can try to aim higher post ok?

Darius hands on Trev's shoulders like all buddy buddy!

FBI so easy defeat one meh

if tsunami came they also dont know

Velle looks adorable even when she's crying

KELIAN! i want to cuddle her!!!


Enjoyed the day out with the mummies, daddies and kids
It all went too well!
Sun wasnt too harsh
It was breezy

Can't wait for the next outing!
I always say i cant wait
End up also have to wait

Worthed the wait la haha
so guys pls organize an outing again soon!!