Saturday, October 23, 2010

Under The Sea

Hubby had his off day on Fri
and we went to TPY for lunch

Trev at lunch

Finger lickin gooood

We had our lunch at Ichiban sushi
Ive never failed to sup my entire set meal to nothing when we dine there
but i had no appetite that day

Fiesta cheesecake is love

I even gave up my all time favourite salmon sashimi
Must have been becos of my sore throat.

Miso cheese something something
from Ichiban's set lunch
Dont gian peng and take their set lunch
cos it tastes like sai
(though ive never tasted sai before)

Hubby's beef salad
he likes it but i guess my tastebuds went on strike that day
so everything i ate and tasted was like sai

Trev being sucked into his Mickey's wonderland
after a few tamago and cheese cake

monster looking Trev

monster looking mother
hi i am jasdako

Drove past Thomson medical centre
got alot of 感触 lol
2 person walk in the hospital
but 3 person walk out

Destination - Sentosa!

"custom" is where they deduct money from ur cashcard haha

was given discount coupons

Tiger beer tower from far

Hubby's car sit here see skies see trees watch birds see cruise

At the entrance of UWW
There's a pond with super active and HUGE turtles!
ive never seen such huge turtles irl
Turtle surfaced and said hi took a deep breath

Kungfu panda's Master Wugwee

Trev fascinated by the huge turtles

Trev posing with a shark CUTE RIGHT!

Indian guy very hard sell
One snake $6
2 snakes $10
Take pictures with personal cam

We didnt say we want
only kaypo go look see look see
Then mister indian guy hung the snakes.... on..


Trev looks scared right!
but not to the extent of freaking out..
He actually stood and hung that yellow snake over
his neck but before i took a personal pic of him
n that snake he ran away zz

Plus he almost grabbed the snake's head
Indian man said nvm one its ok

We're not tourists & we dont really look like tourists
but still kana tock by 自己人
less than 5 mins $16 fly away

But i conquered my fear
i stroked the snake's skin
damn er its mega waxy
like if u use ur fingernail and dig will get stuck in between the scales that feeling

I can officially tell u $22.90 for each adult
unless u're not singaporean

Underwater world!
The place where Hubby first proposed to me! kekekekkekeke
Going back to this place brings me fond memories!!

With sambal chilli and chinchalok?
Pls take a seat.

I dont know why i become so effin brave
First touch snake
then touch starfish
The lady convinced me to give it a try
Starfish also feel damn er
Maybe if call them (starfish and snakes) to touch our face or skin they will be like discussing with their own species
" eeyer human skin damn er! "

Trev roamed around in excitement and curiosity
Saw a pool of water
(maybe he thinks its for waterplay)

Dashes over before we caught up with him

huge stingray swims towards Trev
Trev got a shock and went like "wu wu wuuu" *frowns* *pats chest*

Pointing at the fishes

This lady looked like the lady who assisted Hubby underwater back then for his proposal
Hubby thinks so too

Finding a chance to chat up a girl

Girl runs off

Hubby thinks this fish can swallow Trev in whole

funny lei he HAHAHAHA

Me acting brave
can dip hands into the tank to touch the fishes
but i didnt hahaha
take pic for show only la lol

Can eat one right?
looks like Alaskan crabs

Trev was misbehaving and wanted to run around on his own
We said bye and walked forward

So kelian right

Leopard Preenz

Trev amazed

I love my fammmmm!

A huge fish's chin

Its so..... sigh
i better go read up on fishes
otherwise how am i able to feed Trev with more 知识?

I go into a huge aquarium
with so many, probably hundred types of different fishes
yet all i can say
when i point around is

Trev look! its a fish! thats a fish! this is a big fish!
"fish fish!!" "shark shark"
So general man
this fish that fish all fish
I do the beautiful species of fishes no justice lor

Lady Gaga fish

woah if can buy this home,
i think for the next few months i dont need to worry about buying fish
for Trev's meals

Very pretty jellyfishies

This nemo from africa one
Nemo not all orange one meh?

Hubby's gonna kill me hahahahahah
but hes so cute love u love u :D

Hurried over to Dolphin Lagoon for the dolphins show at 3pm


Seated, ready for the show!


Swimming with the dolphins is possible!
If u have money JUST GO ONLY! $150 per person lol

Dolphins are like so smart so cute so CHEERY!

Pink dolphin clapping!

Show ended in less than 15.
Dolphin lagoon is JUST LIKE THAT.
Nothing nothing nothing
cant touch dolphins cant take pic with dolphin (can but $16)
cant swim with dolphins
but its ok la ive never seen one before hehehe
so im contented!

left the UWW and walked around Sentosa

Took wacky pics


Everything at sentosa is about admission tickets
Tourist attraction indeed!

hubby suits this look so much
fits him just well
MR 大炮 Dua pao hahahahahahaha

To make this picture natural i put my hair infront of the board
Got that feel?

we took the Sentosa bus to imbiah

Took this pic of the merlion while i was on the escalator
Merlion has this very handsome aura
Backcombed hair!

Ho' fierce wo

Hubby was the one who suggested and brought us to Sentosa for a fun family day out
Though we were all feeling a little unwell from flu,
The quality time spent together still made our day!

hubs was a total sweetheart that day

after we got home from sentosa, he went to take a nap while i tend to Trev and made dinner for all of us.

After Trev went to bed that night,
Hubby drove me out. I wasnt feeling really well but i went anyway
He drove to boat quay but when i got there i said it looks crowded looks kinda messy its awkward blablabla
so he drove off and went to eHub (from boat quay to pasir ris) planning to either catch a movie or go ktv
when we got there i told him only left horror movies and timing not right, i dont wanna watch
say we'll go ktv, went to enquire prices for ktv one hour plus left, for $30+ i find it expensive so i said aiya dont want
then i told him ok we share one 6inch sub for supper, he said ok, we walked to subway about to open the door i said hai i no appetite to eat lei how about u eat alone
so we went macdonalds at pasir ris but it was too crowded so he drove from pasir ris to kovan mac
got there and i insisted on not having supper, just gonna watch him eat. watched him eat and felt really bad like how on earth should such a patient man deserve this shit from AH SIAO ME?!

i love my hubby, he's really nice and patient ONLY WITH ME
he super impatient and hot tempered when he's driving, tending to fussy Trev and when he needs to buy his 4D on time

at least i know, ive found my ideal partner kekeke