Saturday, October 16, 2010


A very typical post from my iPhone...

Blogging from the phone means
putting together a random chunk of pictures

Some got link some no link
My com just lagged the hell out of my patience that's why I resorted to doing a quick update

Ai xin dinner for two of my babies one evening

Hubby and i "sneaked" out to ehub after Trev fell asleep that evening

Went to the arcade to be little kids and took neoprints whahahaha

Hubby kept saying it's lovegetty
But lovegetty is that card type that's lagi old school.
We veli noob in takin neoprints

After ehub we went 126 for yummeh dimsum!

The next day,

We met up w Pearl and Phelove

Trev pushed his little tikes toycar right behind the door
He wanna drive his car go fetch Phelove hahaa

Their lunch date was at IKEA!

Trev's chua dio face
Bcos the dog was barkin right in his face hahaahaha

Showered and my bb 睡甜甜

This blog post 没头没尾 k bye

-- Sent from the iPhone