Sunday, October 03, 2010



Just came back from jogging
Omg I almost died panting

Quite determined to build up my stamina.
No harm.
Next time go market can chiong faster, snatch the fish with brighter eyeballs faster ha ha ha

October isn't going well at all
Hubby's tyre punctured on the road, resulting in quite a damage cuz tyres 起价。

Aiya so many suay little things sums up to a huge suay month la.

Stressed too
Cuz we've to go select our units this Monday

Double stressed too
Cuz I failed trial test hahahahaha
Test day itself hope I pass with pride lollol
Huge red FAIL is demoralizing and disappointing
Never studied so hard before.

Triple stressed CUZ
Really cold market
Eff man GOT SO HARD TO SELL things meh
I selling clothes at less than 10 wtfwtfwtf not selling diamonds!!

Nvm... Now government very 强调 service excellency...

So I'll be nice.
Ok thanks click my ads pls
If don't buy my stuff then can click the ads on ur way out?

Xie xie ni

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