Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Last saturday,

After tucking Trev in for the night,

Hubby and i went out to meet the mummies

Arranged this meetup super abruptly via Twitter

Sophia called to make a reservation

and we got there at 11pm

Repeat Pete was the first game we tried

Amusing! cus we had to pick cards and do the actions stated on the cards in sequence

the one who forgets the move will have to move a step back

One of the cards that i picked

Embarrassing sia

My face looked like the wolf face sian 1/2

UniQuetius! With us at Mindscafe!

The girls discussing about the game's cards

Then we switched the game to Jenga

Fun! Forfeit is to eat chips with lotsa chili sauce!
Lynn ate it twice, Jen and me once!
next time not so lucky anymore hor u lol

Lynn looks very happy
I think she likes it so she dont mind losing hahaha

Jen so skillful she's actually using eye power to shift the block out.
next time i must try sucking the wind maybe also can work like her eye power hahaha

Jen with her chilli chips

I wanna go back again someday!
This time forfeit put hand into a bowl of ice water for 30s!
stomachache but insist on completing this post
dont know what else to blog cos when tummy ache head cannot think