Sunday, October 31, 2010

Meatballs & Chix Wings

Met up with Salina & Melody
and we took the B-U-S to Tampines IKEA!
We ditched the strollers
& 挑战自我 HAHAHAH
I like it
Its like a challenge and I just levelled up

The first thing to do at IKEA is always

Trev, being affectionate. Again.
He treats his fellow friends with love (at times)
but the next minute he tugs and whacks -.-

my favourite poached salmon
& Trev's favourite are the meatballs
and the Sweden apple cake ROX MY SOX!

Emotional Trev gets a scolding from me
for not being a gentleman
Literally "gentle" man
Melody's expression iz like
" Wa lau this boy not my type "

Trev not shy one

And when Trev finally stopped crying,
Melody arm chio

Window shop at IKEA
Trev flaunting his signature smile :E

Happy boy amused with peekaboo

Trev with a daisy

Trev loves girly stuff omg time to man him up

Instead of sniffing the flowers he blows 'em

melody (:


A smile from Mel!

Salina and I

I just mentioned Ive gotta man Trev up right?

Trev's way of saying "good!"
I realized lotsa toddlers expresses "good" with this action right?

Enjoying the cone

10 months old Melody :D

We walked over to the hypermart for some groceries
then hubby came and picked us up

A short meetup with Salina but it was fun catching up!
& I find Tampines Ikea very accessible for us
Probably the best thing that has happened in Tampines