Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Expo BB Fair

Met up with sis and Isaac last Sunday
went alone cuz hubby was out for duty
& Bil drove us to expo

Trev face like Isaac owes him money

Trev's favourite rude move
Reach and grab

Isaac doesnt look too happy
But Trev bo chup hahahahaha

I was like going around telling everyone around me
bb fair nothing to buy one la

But i went there this sup that sup
Got like a $5 toilet seat
wet wipes, bb bites, a top for trev, a baby bag, shower foam refill, bolster. . .

Trev got lethargic
Rubs eyes

face funny like hell

rubber face Trev

not too sure if he's just rubbing his eyes
or trying to dig them out

My stroller gonna topple already

I cant imagine how itll be like when Isaac turns 1
Trev'd be 2 by then

2 toddlers, ONE WORD...

F I G H T!