Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Boring Monday,
Trev woke up at an ungodly hour 6:59am to be exact

Don't care if it's a minute to 7 or not, so long as I see 6 or 7 it's super early.. Too early for Trev's owl mama!

So I played 10 mins Mickey/ Elmo/ Barney vids on YouTube to stall for more "time"

Stop alr then repeat or stop alr then continue other characters.

When he got bored of YouTube he slipped down the bed and started rummaging tru my stuff

I woke up startled to find Trev......

My boy is a stuntman
I got a shock and that's how I finally woke up hahaha lazy me!!!

Lazed til 9+ then wake up ah hahahaha

Hubby came back hm shortly after lunch

Haven't seen him in his no.3 for quite some time alr

Ho' man wo!

Hubby always super enthu and happy to see Trev
Trev too!

Trev giving daddy a backrub?

We went out to settle some stuff we had on hand and then to dinner w my sil.

Came back home and Trev went to bed...watched tv in the vacant master bed room

Didn't know where to go but Seems like Hubby got feel to go out. Went out anyway.

On kpe randomly tot of going to ECP

Spent alot of money on UFO machines
If Hubby won that ipad or iPhone 4 then wu hua lor but still happy!
Cos he caught minnie mickey for me!

Because I was so fussy we didn't have our supper out

Went hm and started whipping up an express supper for Hubby and myself. AT FREAKING 2AM omg

I'm never eating eggs with jio cheng ever again. Milk and eggs and cheese and breakfast ham super good tastes jus like Lorraine quiche!!

Same old heart design
I very full of love ma

Nowadays when night falls,
Weekday like not weekday
Weekends like won't end

But I very pekchek w hubby's schedule
Yes good can come hm early! But

Duty duty duty duty sibei sian
Always eat in one day of my wkend one leh!!!!!

Promise to blog frm com soon
K bye

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