Monday, September 06, 2010


We randomly brought Trev on the kiddy rides
at only $4 (Changi Airport $6 for a strict 10 mins)
at United Square last weekend

They werent strict with the time frame
and we went around until we felt like
we should end the ride.

Trev enjoying!

Ride on remote again!

The last time Trev drove was in a circuit
Now can come out on the ROADS already HAHAHA
when pass TP?
maybe another 20 years
by then provisional driving license expire until cannot already

Trev wants me to get out of his way

With the other drivers

i tried controlling the remote car

a clear sign of why i have no confidence in getting a license, AT ALL
if the toy car could mount kerb,
it would have done so 10 million times

Trev is trying to tell me that,
he can do better driving with his FOOT
than me controlling the remote
i am THAT lousy

Hubby positioned the toy car there and took a picture.
I am feeling pretty down and moody....

Shall do up n publish the post on our Science centre trip tomorrow!
Last but not least,
Trev's now 17 months old!
We love you!

You must guai guai be strong and healthy,
I hope god bless u and protect you from harm
Mama is not good enough at times
but uve always been the best...

My bb i love u lotsa lotsa