Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Still here @BKK

I love how an hour earlier life is here...

Life is really good for us here
& Trev might be really angry with us for not letting him down to roam around the mall freely

But I don't want to make and lose a son in bkk
So he was strapped in or being carried all the time. Tedious for both of us but I guess we very much expected that?

Brought Trev to eat at roadside stalls which was yuuuum at first scared scared but then he adapted to it. As long as it's not spicy he's fine w it.

If u're really quite health conscious and very 注重 hygiene I think u go home sleep better

Most places no high chair/baby chair.
Even if they have, all no straps to secure one.
Bkk got very independent n obedient kids
Won't struggle like Trev that's y no need straps lol

Our bags for fam of 3

My fair lady in Thai
Funny lor haahahahahaha

Omg Korean craze super hot in bkk too! Went chatuchak and everywhere played kpop!

(fatboothed version)
Adorable Rachael
But her name is spelt as Rachal
Pronounced with Thai slang as Rachelle

Trev loves her ttm
Early morn wake up muz find her
At night before sleep must play with her

Samurai pork burger and fries with fanta is loveeeee

Trev had his fair share of playtime n enjoyment too!
Brought him to Fashion Island's playground somewhat 3 times bigger than Sg's Fidgets
(pix when I go back sg)

For only sgd1.50 for an hour

Hubby bot this large tentage thingy for less than sgd 35? Ex anot? I don't know sgd market rate...

On call cab

Did my hair for 4500baht
No more pong pong hair
But pok gai alr

Tmr conquer platinum again
2nd trip down hope don't jam cos if jam go back hm need 2-3 hours hahahahahaha but I gam wan

I want time to stop
But don't want to shop until I drop
Cos if drop then cannot continue shop


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