Friday, September 24, 2010

Post holiday Blues

took a couple of pics from my dad's camera
taken from our bkk trip..

back for almost a week now
but i cant wait to go back

he went back to Shanghai this afternoon
and will be back again during xmas
Cant wait!

Trev cried real badly today when we sent dad downstairs to get a cab

the kids having breakfast

I miss Rachal

I miss daddy

Trev pooped big time at Chatuchak

Stained his pants

no nursing room so we went outside the toilet to change his diapers

FUNNY RIGHT hahahahaha

Chatuchak was THAT crowded

Trev pole dancing at chatuchak hahahahaha

Loved how 自在 we were at bkk

bathe also bathe the old school way hahahaha

Trev loves it when we bathe him in cold water

he finds it amusing

but when we use warm water on him,

he fusses like mad


Even Trev misses BKK