Thursday, September 02, 2010


i find myself going through
the old pictures in my computer
instead of going to bed

my husband is out at sea
he gets on my nerves at times
but when hes not around i find it so boring
theres no one to talk to and stuff like that

i dont wanna be too cheesy
but maybe i do miss him HA HA

i remembered how DIFFICULT
it was to take a picture of him

act cool got limit one right?
he picked me up after work at 3am
all the time
then we'd hang out for supper until 6am
he'd send me home then he go straight to work

People last time never complain sleepy, tired or doze off
but now..... lol
o well! hahaha (u know i luv u lollol)

this is the most deceiving charming picture of him

he was hunkier before LOL

all that cheesy stuff he did while we were dating
now he only cares about buy what number buy how much
(not that im complaining/ comparing)
im jus..... reminiscing lol

im trying to convince myself i can break the curse
the curse whereby after u tattoo ur bf's name
u guys would break up shortly after.

i tattooed my bf's name but we got married instead hahahahah

why we last time so er xin hahahaha

i will keep that dating feeling deep deep deep
inside my heart
because i cannot date other guys anymore
cannot relive that heart pik pok pik pok feeling lol
very hard to pik pok again after marriage leh
its just....
another level of love after marriage :)

dating is a stepping stone to marriage
its not about having ur heart race upon holding hands
or have ur heart stop for a second or two when u receive his call
(if now hold hands heart still race maybe ur heart need transplant)

now im on a higher level
the most important thing on my level
is to be able to grow old with my husband
happily and blissfully.

three cheers 干杯 to our marriage
thats coming to 2 yrs this september 26th!
i luv you mimi!

oei i say i dont want to be cheesy right

k thx bye