Tuesday, September 21, 2010

BKK '2010
11-17th September

Our flight's takeoff time was 610am
and we got to the airport and checked in by 5am.

My first flight from the Budget Terminal
it is really.... very budget lor

Trev was a little cranky
he stayed awake from 4am all the way until take off time

Playing at the playground in budget terminal

proceeding to board the plane

for a minute i thought i was at a hospital.

onboard tiger airways!

paid extra cash for 20kg of baggage each

PAID A FEW EXTRA DOLLARS to pick seats near to the emergency exit

by the window for a gd view


got so heng anot?

picked the seats BY THE WING

no clouds no pretty landscapes

only one big piece of metal and roaring engine

very marvellous hor? NOW I KNOW ALREADY

if take tiger airways pls dont take SEAT NUMBER 18

We touched down at 7am bkk time.

Dad and Uncle then picked us up from the airport

brought us home to unload our stuff then off we went for lunch!

Only the locals know where's the BEST roadside stalls

ants were roaming on the table

stray dogs walked around the tables

no baby high chair

table looked like it was full of termites


ants turn into butterflies
stray dogs become very cute
no baby high chair also nevermind
table looked like it was full of good food

this is super shiok

Tom yam vermicelli~

Ordered kuay teow mai piet non spicy for Trev

Then uncle drove us to Chatuchak

How i wish Trev would still be able to fit into

baby carriers

Conquering Chatuchak with a stroller wasnt easy AT ALL

the tiny squeezy humid walkways

were really challenging.

Trev KOed at Chatuchak

His fan KOed too

My feet after conquering chatuchak

I take it as mud bath for my feet hahahahaha

I went home wash and scrub alr still HAVE BLACK BLACK u believe?

Trev with his Ah gong after 5 long months!

The last time dad saw Trev, he wasnt able to walk steadily yet!

Back at Nawamin,

Uncle's place.

The neighbourhood with really friendly neighbours!

Life is so carefreeeeee there at Nawamin

Rachal (in thai spelling but pronounced as Rachelle)

with Nong chai (brother)

She loved Trev very much!

Stray dogs werent really stray at Nawamin

The neighbours fed and loved them like their own.

In uncle's car

Seafood for dinner!

Seafood dinner by the sea!!!


Trev too hungry

The kids eating air HAHAHAHA


Fresh oysters...

I still dont know how to appreciate oysters


A MUST HAVE AT BKK Tom yam gooooonggggg!

U cant find yummier fried fish here in sg

Uncle and fam!

Rachal and Trev laughing at Carl

Fashion Island's Kids Island!

A total heaven for kids!!!!!

Trev taking his nap before we head in to play

Quite taxing for our stroller

Um. Thanks truimph!


The kiddy rides costs sgd 50cents

duration of the rides confirm longer than the ones in SG


Yao siew ah!!!!

Trev's really scared of the rotating rides


never seen him freak out like that on a ride before!

the place i mentioned that was at least 3 times bigger than Fidgets

and costs only $1.50 PER HOUR

really owned every other playpads IN SG

the place is so huge i couldnt capture the entire place in one shot

rotating octopus!!!!!!

suppose to grab the ball, lift ur legs up the entire thing will swing until u fly off it

aiya i dont know how to describe la hahaha


Woman in blue to "HOP" kids in case they slide too far and fly lol

rachal having fun!

i know i very shameless. for kids one i also wanna play

Trev could slide on his own but...

i also wanna try ma but slide alone very paisei

so i borrow trev HAHAAHAHAHA

Trev sliding tummy down

i love this octopus.

really bouncy and rotates really fast.

balancing on the "pebbles" on a surface thats somewhat like a waterbed

there was also a room full of BALLOONS

and in that room there's about 5 fans

very magical! balloons were flying & floating around from all that wind

then i went to Q for a ride

waiting for our turn!

first in line hehehehehehe!

securing the door making sure its all locked

the kids in the ride, with seatbelts!

not waist to waist kind

shoulder to waist!
just like a real car HAHA

& with me BEING me,

SHAMELESS AGAIN! muahahahahaha

i looked too big for the car

but i also wanna play mathe kids need a guardian ma HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

hai blame the photographer or maybe its time to change my camera


Then we went to Fuji Japanese Restaurant for dinner!

Auntie ben is thai, Uncle is a singaporean

that makes Rachal and Yingying Thairean

... i think im quite boliao


Yakinikuuuuu for meeeee

Back at home,

before bedtime,

we checked out our loots

and set up the tent we bought for Trev

and the kids had fun with it!

could fit 3 of them. no problem!

its the best thing we bought for Trev.

We dismantled Trev's baby cot and replaced it with this in our room now

We bought lotsa balls from bkk and placed it inside too

Trev can have his me time in it

and let me have my ME time too (i hope)

after the kids went to bed,

Hubby suggested we walk to the nearest 711

and get some snacks

and insisted its safe enough to just bring an umbrella

Dad, uncle and the neighbours were drinking outside the house

so we went to tell them we'd be going to get some stuff

Uncle suggested we use the neighbour's bike

and ride over to 711

Hubby got super enthu

he used to ride a bike before he started driving

got license.. so i wasnt afraid of becoming thai minced meat


One particular dog got really aggressive while we were on the road

wanted to chiong over and chomp my leg omgomgomg

if we were to WALK with ONE UMBRELLA

maybe only left the umbrella handle and minced jasmine

the next day hubby suggested we go get supper again

i said no no no the dogs will kill us

the dogs were angelic in the day BUT at night they turn into wolves

Bkk's LAYS potato chips got steamboat flavour one..

before eating must blow

because steamboat got soup ma very hot

LOL HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA ok nevermind not funny

On the 3rd day!!

Trev having honey stars for breakie!

combed Platinum mall

Have to 拿捏 the timing very well

becos it'd be ideal for Trev to nap when we shop HAHA

Fuji jap food again for lunch at Platinum!

hubby eating Chawanmushi

eat until like want to kill people

his eyes omg WHO OWE U ONE AH OEI!

Trev acting guai heheh i like!

Watermelon frost!!!! super refreshing!

i drank lotsa thai iced milk tea, coconut, watermelon frost

all the liang stuff!

(payback time right now. flow until like free one)

KIMCHI! so good i wanted to pack it home to sg lol

Salmon Zosui

Rice in fish broth with salmon and egg!

Ideal for Trev!

Trev's must have at a japanese restaurant!

Tamago go go go

My must have!

Luv the tees! Would have sup more of the tees

if Trev wasnt whining while i was picking the designs!

back at home before Trev's bath

If i had a daughter, id want her to be like Rachal

Crazy & funny at times

but v well behaved and well mannered!

Bought them a playdoh set on sat

and when i asked why didnt they open it up and start playing?

They told me they'll open and play with it next sat.

OMG obediently wait for one week!

It doesnt seem like a bad idea to have a girl first

becos jie jie always takes care of didi

must find doraemon and borrow the time machine liao

It rained heavily every night in bkk

that didnt stop us from going out though


4th day, did my hair at Big C emporium

no more pong pong thick thick hair

but i miss it :(

hubby wanted to force the hairdresser to give me bangs

i almost died

NO BANGS i cannot!

clams and fat oysters

fried fish again!!! :p

tom yam goong with flower crabs and big fat juicy prawns!

Tiger prawns with tung hoon!

Every night our room'd be filled with laughters

and i really missed that!

Rachal suggested we take a pic of our hands

very heartwarming lei she

Full of expressions!!


Rachal said : cooking cooking

Trev is so outcasted hahahah

ok la a personal shot OK? happy?

Start of the 5th day!

Platinum again!

Trev munching on spicky!

Salmon teriyaki flavour!

So far havent seen it in sg before!

Then we went to have our breakfast

eat in the forest lol

having breakie

yummy duck soup with rice!

minus the duck blood part becos i am not participating in fear factor

Uncle's spacious car!

figured out there isnt such a ride in sg...

Except for.... police car in sg hahahaha

We dont take pictures at platinum
because when one shops one doesnt waste time

Back at home after a long full day at platinum,

Daily dosage of Elmo's world

My faveeeee mango!

& on the 6th day,

we went to MBK for a really short while

then cabbed to Platinum again

& since it was our final FULL DAY,

we stayed out late in town

before cabbing back home to Nawamin

Uncle and dad didnt tag along with us most of the time

cept for dinner and breakfasts

and the girls had to be at school

When we got to MBK,

we went to Auntie Anne's..

We had to wait for 7 minutes for pretzels

so we chose something else

Guy working at Auntie annes : One CCB?

Me *keep thoughts to self* : Yep!


Ate it twice and its not enough!

sausages wrapped in it, sprinkled with super yummy seasoning!

For lunch, we settled down at one of MBK's restaurants

Had jia zhng thai red rubies

but it wasnt red

Trev luvs it!

tapping on me for another spoonful of it

after MBK,
we cabbed to Platinum

Fries from bkk's mcd is cheeeeeap!

We always buy 2 large packs at one go to snack on

not too happy with me when i insisted on taking a picture before giving him his fries

For dinner,

we had Kimchi again! FUJI AGAIN muahahahaha

Ume dessert

Had a hard time deciding on a furry tiger print cover or this leathery leopard print one

chose this instead and i luvvvv it

Anyone interested?

Im intending to bring more over


Packing up :(

We laid in bed with Trev until he fell asleep and we dozed off together too

woke up startled at 3am

and hurridly packed up

On the final day before our flight at 8pm,

We went to Fashion Island again

Cuz it was the closest mall nearest to Nawamin

tio pian by this crepe display

Crepe tasted like cold raw meat

Whipped cream super jelat

Strawberry chao sng

very jia lat

ate not more than 5 mouthfuls & threw the entire thing away

my naughty fringe

a friendly staff gave Trev that huge bundle of balloons
after shopping around Fashion Island,
we went back to Uncle's place to get our luggages

bathed and changed Trev up into ah siam kia outfit


souvenir for Trev ma hahaha

Dad and Trev outside the house

Dad randomly took the bicycle and wanted to ride the kids around

Rachal feeding Trev tao kae neo seaweed

Hubby and his new cap

Im glad i stopped him from getting the Levis one

Looked quite cheery but was actually feeling very very very sian

Rachal and her "boyfriend"

mingling with the neighbours

Auntie ben as our translator hahaha

Bought Chinchow from an uncle from a motorbike

Trev with the toy motorbike Auntie ben gave as a gift

Final dinner at bkk's

A cafe at Tesco Lotus

I dont know why uncle and dad love this so much

Oyster omelette again

Tom yam fried rice

Thai iced milk teaaaaaa

Trev and his Biao Yi?

Rachal is my cousin

So that makes her Trev's Biao yi right?

They look kinda alike dont they?

cranky Trev waiting for his fried rice

At bkk's airport

Trev and the girls were throwing pebbles

We were taking our own sweet time snapping pictures

We didnt know we were the last to check in!

Crew came hurrying us with her walkie talkie and we had to run to our gate

Not only were our checked in bags LAST BAGS

we were also the last to get onboard

like really LAST

like once we enter the plane the stewardess shut the airplane door THAT KIND

we didnt have time to find our allocated seats

so we grabbed the empty seats we saw

Fed Trev milk after take off because we didnt have enough time to get hot water

and my dearest fell asleep shortly after and woke up when we land

HAPPY! Trev's first experience onboard an airplane went perfectly well!

We sort of overspent at bkk

but we had fun

Vacations are always fun

So long as got chop passport

and get outta sg it'll be fun


Holidays are addictive

Had 7 full days with Hubby and Trev

and i loveitloveitloveitloveit!

xiexie hb for everything luvvvvvvvv