Monday, September 27, 2010

2ND Wedding Anniversary!

Surprises are always risky and tedious

Hubby dropped me at Compass point before heading home to change
for Phelove's bday party
to get her gift wrapped

I took that opportunity to go collect the cake i ordered

Had to try stuffing the cake into my big bag
and used Trev's barang barangs to camouflage the box
Its like i wasnt able to control my expressions
I gave myself away A LITTLE becos i went back the car
and arm chio to death

My cake was supposed to be ROUND
but because hubby offered to carry my bag while i carried Trev
He unknowingly RUINED our cake :(

I hid the cake in the fridge and we went for Phelove's bday chalet

When we came back that night
shortly after 12 MN,

Hubby happened to have already dozed off after putting Trev to bed

oh god my cake looked hideous!

Hehehehe 我的 小小心意

Hallmark really act one high class man
Something so simple was actually really expensive

But ok la at least something i like
thats meaningful enough to make me willingly pay for it hahaha


Portion of the cake was just fine!

On Sunday,
our wedding anniversary itself,
My wardrobe disease came back to me
despite having a wardrobe full of new clothes i got frm bkk,
配 here 配 there
I took so friggin long to prepare
my husband could drive Trev all the way to City hall
get me a surprise gift,
and back to pick me up
i think i am quite hiong
if my disease was abit more deadly that day,
i would have been like aiya pekchek la i dont want to go out already

Hubby hid this under the car seat
and adjusted the seat to an angle that i didnt like
Seat was super upright
I looked around the backseat and all
for my gift ( i thought so)
but husband said i shameless LOL

Then when i adjusted the seat back to my lum nua angle,
I found saw it!
I liked it alot xiexie ni,ai si ni

for my wedding anni last yr hubby bot
agnes b watch for me
this yr agnes b bracelet
very easy to get gift for girls hor?
buying gifts for my husband is always tedious
front front back back i bot watches REPEATEDLY like thrice
dont know what to buy already

Face like 15 的月亮

Then we went to Suntec
Hubby went into Toysrus and
got stuck at the NERF section
He looked like he wanted to get another NERF
but couldnt decide on which
so i decided for him
I took a set of barrel break that was available only at toysrus
hid it at another section
then when he told me to go ask the staff the benefits of the starcard
i quickly paid for it.
I looked highly suspicious
not funny if i get caught and accused of stealing

Dinner was at GWC's Kuishinbo
the last time i ate Kuishinbo was at Suntec
I preferred GWC's! Much more spacious!

Trev ate more than 6 Tamagos
not all of the rice thou

Trev posed for the shot(s)
so we took many more hehehehe

CUTE? cow face!!!

Bugs bunny teeth

MIL could help us bbsit Trev
but we thought we might be able to manage
so we brought him along since we eventually did not manage to catch a movie

He fussed and fussed and fussed
and youtube dua me big time
couldnt play Elmo's world!

We went home shortly after driving around
partly becos Trev was already asleep
and we were both worn out from tending to a fussy toddler throughout dinner
We spent our 2nd wedding anni with lotsa love
Thankful for what i have and for what ive been given
Please give me more love and lesser heartbreaks
in the many years to come!
Luv you Hubby!