Monday, September 27, 2010


On the 18th of September, Saturday,
a day after we came back to Singapore,

We attended the FDAWU Mid Autumn event held at the Chinese Garden
My godma who was a part of the event gave us the tickets

We were given HUGE goodie bags
paper lanterns, light sticks, food, bento dinner etc

We took a balloon sculpture for Trev and gave him a tattoo on his face hahahah
fierce anot? not the design of a koi but some weird looking fish

Place was pretty romantic HEHEHEHEHE

Huanzhu ge ge scene
My first trip to the chinese garden.
Mountain turtle iz me.

No time to shop for a decent lantern
settled with spongebob
Trev's totally clueless of this character

Ever notice how annoying this kinda lantern can get
when the batteries run low?
the music goes weak and out of tune..

Aunty Veni & Trev!

We're thankful for the tickets!
On the day itself,
22nd sept,
We went downstairs and played with candles
after dinner with the fam at Soup restaurant

Trev waiting for mum to open the door
Mum brought the dog down for a walk too

It was Trev's very first experience with paper lanterns
we lit it up and made him hold onto it
He held it and swung it over his head
it looked so dangerous
so we stopped him

Watching us light the candles
then attempting to light one too

not afraid of the fire
until he felt the prick

Hot wax on Trev's fingers!
His reaction was classic!

Trying to blow out the candle
abit too near dont you think?

Before i had Trev
中秋节 was just an ordinary day
just that we could publicly burn things
Its so much more fun now that we can spend it as a family!
Watching Trev with the candles and lanterns is so much fun!