Tuesday, September 07, 2010

17th Months!

Brought Trev to the Science Centre
during the weekends!

The Science Centre is not only cool
it is also CHIM
i just cant seem to understand some of the exhibits
but it was really interesting
for us and Trev!

Entrance fee was only $9!
Unless you want to go for their IMAX movie,
Snow city, Omni theatre etc.

a very interesting exhibit!
click to enlarge!
and look what you can see from the pole's reflection!

catch no ball for this one.

i point at any metal ball and the reflections reflect
all the other fingers points at the one im pointing.

the camera detects faces
but couldnt detect Trev's when he sat alone
TOO SMALL hahahaha

This is what my husband will become if he has an affair
tock his head down and put as decoration

too fun to resist!

Trev was like wtf are u doing to me

somewhat like the paintings at that alive gallery?
Our president's eyes moved around
even when its just a painting.
Very Harry Potter!

mini tornado made of mist
first time touching a tornado
and didnt die

Trev being an explorer

hubby playing a game,
he had to press on the buttons when they light up really FAST

my territory hahahahah

then we went to kaypo at the fire tornado exhibit.
the man said : If there were to be a situation whereby we are unable to control the fire,
the exits are on .... and ....
me to hubby: wa heng we are near one of the exits hahahaha

then we went to the best part,

Trev washing the dishes

ang mo boy tried really hard to spray water at Trev
even told him to go further so the water jet just nice will land on Trev
we were quietly watching
half of the time when they communicated
Trev was like wtf he didnt understand him
but they were cute
thou the ang mo was trying to bully Trev haha

Trev doing the laundry

Trev at the water maze

no balls no life
he love balls to bits!

his posture so act!!!

my happy 17 months old boy!

It was a fun family day out!

Trev is now 17 months old
and im not really sure how long ill continue
doing this monthly thingy
but on the 7th of every month,
im reminded of Trev's firsts,
happy fam moments,
& how we came this far....

Im really glad i am where i am now.
Counting my blessings!