Monday, April 05, 2010

Trev's 1ST BDAY Party!

Was rushing like mad before we checked in to Downtown east Resort.
Left the bday boy with Mum and Dad at home,
while we rushed to collect the cake,
then to Middle road for additional last min shopping for party stuff,
filled our balloons with helium at the store,
then to the chalet to check in and to decorate the room.

after rushing tru the decorations (way behind time caterer was arriving)

who'd knew that it'd rain all day?

Camwhoring on a happy and special day is necessary ha ha ha

Back at the room,

Bought 4D (which is rare cos im not a believer in 买个希望)
OPEN 1332... tio jiak until cannot.

Theme for Trev's party was.........


With a matching outfit!!!
it all went too well
cos after ordering Trev's cake,
i just randomly chanced upon a matching outfit...
its like A SIGN!!!

Double sided tape couldnt withstand weight of the honeycombs...
all fell down, couldnt achieve dangling disco ball ish effect :(
had to hang them on the door..

God ma with Trevie! and balloons!

Godma, ma, sis, bro in law

Pictures look slightly disorganized, too busy!

Everyone showering Trev with tender luvin' care!

Pregnant sis at 38 WEEKS and STILL LOOKING GOOD!
My mum had a full term baby, I had a full term baby, bet sis gon have a full term baby

My bro in law looks like cookie monster muahahahahah


Trev has this really nasty habit of grabbing everyone's faces
stepping on stuff (or people)
when we smack him he thinks we're still playing with him.
Clearly, Trev wanted to grab Alvis after hugging him
Alvis is a sweetheart! im gonna pray that Trev'd be as obedient as Alvis....
Sherin dear with Zayden,
probably wants some of the peach tea!

Zayden went like : mum mum mum ma ma ma ma
when he wanted food! Hen li hai!

Uncle Dan with Trev!
Mingling with Ming Ming ha ha

didnt had time to snap pics of the food,
didnt had time to savour them while they were hot either...

THIS XIAOJIE whom i havent met in ages,
pls do update me often! dont one shot give me! hahahaha
i'll have this feeling i have a short antenna haha!
MABAO (picture not here)
and Xuan!


I can never get enough of Zayden...
At times when i look at him he looks so much like Sherin,
at times so much like Keyes
So much here so much there
i am confused hahaha

heeheehee seems like he's telling his mummy im taking a picture of him..

Then it was about time to cut the cake,
we went to set up the tier
and laid the cakes on it...

Cake is ELMO and friends!
Elmo cupcake tree with cookie monsters and oscar from the garbage bin!
Everyone loved the cookie monster cupcakes!

Elmo eyes made of 3D Fondant..

the cupcakes, so pretty it'd hurt to chomp on em!

cut 个意思 hahaha

my rat face and quick reaction before Trev kicks the entire cupcake tree down

Trev looks pissed ha ha

not exactly an easy task to snap a great picture, with the little ones LOOKING IN TO THE CAMERA :(

Pearlie and Xavier, with Salina's little cutie, Melody

oops, mustve been stuffy and hot lol

im so upset that i didnt take a group pic with my family...
dont know what he's doing outside either...

with great friends!

Trev in deep thoughts

Then Gina & Family arrived! with Denver!!!!!
Denver only had eyes for the tv commercials...

this is amazing shit,
hmmm lemme count,
pri 3 til now,
9yrs old to 20,
11 YEARS!!!!!

After 11 yrs, we finally met up.
My childhood friend Xiuli (on left) and her twin Alison hahaha!
omigod playing catching and walking to the swings at blk 20
O, the good old times!

By then Trev had already decided to fall into deep sleep

sigh, they're so professional... to look good at all times
i looked...... silly lol

weesiong and me
a snatch shot

Elmo 放工了!
Washed up the little one and our sticky selves after the guests left
was about 12mn
Ate the leftovers! Couldnt finish it, not even a 1/4 of the leftovers.

Miraculously, Trev slept in until 1140am the next day!
was his first time sleeping out rather than being at home,
probably too exhausted!
we were too happy too early
becus night 2 wasnt as marvellous.

By then Elmo was in a pathetic state
very much a goner becos i wanted to taste test his eyeball

By noon, Trev started xploring his new toys and gifts from
It was all smiles and laughter,
a lazy afternoon, but it spelt bliss and love.

watching daddy unwrap a gift

Love this pic!

excitedly hitting on the notes..


waiting, waiting,

still waiting,

: R u done yet!? Gimme that!

: YAY in my hands!

Cheery! loves times like this when Trev flashes his cheeky smile
its like he has so much he wants us to know!

Waited for the rain to finally stop
and decided to head down to Wild wild wet in the late afternoon!
Havent been there in like ages!

Changing Trev up into his swim suit,

i have this feeling Trev's character gon be exactly like his dad.....

WWW was lotsa fun!
we floated on the Shiok river over and over again
Trev used to love swimming but ever since he started hating carwashes,
he started hating being in the water too..

He whined and made noises as though he was complaining while we
were floating in the water
He kiaped his legs so tightly onto us
and he was obviously faking those whines

& know what?
He fell asleep while floating on the "river"
seemed like a common thing for infants to fall asleep there
becos i say another baby asleep while floating too.
Hubby brought Trev on the slides too!

Left the place before 7pm
and went for dinner at Nihon Mura!

*Take note, Nihon mura's usual 99cents sushi gon be $1.19
with effect from 5th Apr!*
Glad we had our last 99cents meal there before they jet up the prices..

Cheeky grin! with his robe after WWW!

Trev was pooping in the following pictures...


with a wee bit of pushing

then we went for dinner!

To end this post off beautifully,

I wanna thank God for bringing Trev into our lives,
for all the fun and laughter Trev has brought us,
for the strong bond Trev has created for hubby and me,
for giving me the chance to know what kind of joy it is to be a mum.

To be the mum of my happy child.....

Dear Lord, Pls bless Trev with great health
bless him with all the love in the world...

Happy 1st Birthday Trev,
U've been the greatest joy in our lives.

We love You!