Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Too Early?

it's not easy when u co-habit under the same roof
all the secrecy and keeping mum about things u can't wait to share
us the kiasu couple did this and that behind each other's backs
far too early before xmas actually arrives

we couldnt help ourselves so we did an early present xchange
phew luckily i got mine for him way before December :X

so i say this husband of mine knows my heart all too well
it happened to be the model i wanted
the thing i needed
(that means this is the last post with lousy quality pictures)
((stupid hp go to hell ha ha))

and i got him .....
not as great as the gift he gave i think sigh

& if you're wondering wats with that milo box,
i actually wrapped all three boxes up
gave him the milo cereal as a decoy
then stunned him with the parfum
(while he unwraps)
giving him the idea that oh thats it for xmas
then shock him a lil bit with the final gift hahaha

pretty long winded and as always a little wacky
but i made an effort ok hee hee

am glad he loved the watch though

after all the hees and ha xchanging gifts at home,
we went to home visit desiree and taylor
too early i feel to give her her xmas gift
i feel so bad that silly putty actually ruined yr night and melbourne leggings :(

btw i felt the gift was so you since u get amused pretty easily
happy hippo-ing!