Friday, December 12, 2008

Lo So

Ive been real active in mummies forum
its great to get so much info from every experienced mum

baby bump is still rather tiny for a 23 weeks baby
maybe im gonna balloon up within these few weeks
thou i desperately hope that i get back my initial boobs and hips after pregnancy
we're still stressing over which is the best name for our little boy

everyone's giving opinions against our decision
but if we dont heed others' advices we might be seen as stubborn parents
ha ha

my sister randomly asked for a number from me days back
despite being clueless about which number to offer her
i RANDOMLY came up with one and rubbed my hp against my belly
before sending her that random number
i even gave her instructions : BUY IBET 10DOLLARS

or bi lor dont trust my baby boy's luck

fyi i tried rubbing slips of papers with number on my belly
and selecting only those which didnt fall of my baby bump
and had numbers that either JUMP NUMBERS or REALLY CLOSE
if i had bought ibet then i would have won some extra cash

so my baby boy's number actually came up under consolation
i only bought 5 bucks HEE HEE so i won little only 15 bucks la haha chey


ok la gtg and cook my angmo dinner for daddy
cheesy pasta mushroom soup and potato salad!
since its vegetarian day for daddy
i figured i could be of some help hehe