Friday, November 28, 2008


been having so much on my mind
everything's weighing so heavily on me now

just went for my detailed scan at TMC days back
baby was really stubborn at first
i had to turn to my left and to my right to make him move to face up
it was cute thou we got to see his toes and fingers his lips and nostrils
his genitals and movements
he actually yawned and we caught it on the scan
the radiographer said he was real active

we went TMC to visit michelle and her newborn baby rayaan
he was so sweet and adorable
i went home and couldnt sleep well HA HA HA
i had so much in mind i think im a nervewreck
its still months away before its my turn to experience labour
but all i had in mind was

questions questions questions and questions
i was worrying for no reason
wondering how my experience'd be like
getting all stressed up and worried haha

but zzzzz ive been reading up lots of info about labour
its better to know more than to let yr imaginations go wild

this space is so dead byebye