Monday, October 13, 2008

Tea Ceremony

Preparing early in the morning

my bee hoon breakfast bought back by my babes

i am yr wacky bride spot casper that fat pig
my tail

gum anyone?
then the groom and his brothers arrive

groom still smiling away with no idea what was in store for him

the sum pat jie meis ha ha :X
HL milk with a raw egg yolk grape juice chrysanthemum tea and a red date
or bi quek

daddy opens the gate

whether he should knock
or call out to me


smooch'd my precious mom

on the pretty merc over to b's place

mabel and her yellow nails
charred hand

like finally i uploaded a whole lot of pictures
part two coming up thou
geez it took me the whole afternoon man
this is tiring i need a good nap