Monday, October 27, 2008

More than this

once that pitiful xiao mei mei in the office
with no yandaos
and a whole lot of political back stabbing

i seek refuge at mister bee's

then came a time
became very hiao
爱美 very enthu in exercises
gym, swimming, blading, strict diets
yet...still same old piece of flab

amateur drinking
this pub that pub this friend's bday that friend's bday
how easily satisfied back then

neither did i expect myself to work at a karaoke pub
late working hours, great pay, free booze
fun interaction, ktv 24/7
but a helluva changes in life with people and zzz
insane drinking every freaking day

am glad clubbing brought me enough of fun
to last me for a long time

you me me you we us all of us
happy here happy there
laugh eat drink talk

so here i am your mommy to be (ignore wacky face)
i might not be the best but im already at my best
if im willing to learn
i don't have to give everything up
life will only get better with my little junior
mommy loves you
you guai guai ok
eat only what you can manage OK
becos i think u've been eating too much and i am having gastric pains
AHA come on im not serious
& uncle lee'd better stop creeping behind me
chatting with chai-s online
ok bye but before that a friend of mine
misses cigarettes so much she actually went to buy the
cigarette lookalike candy BOBDOG sticks.
ring a bell?