Sunday, October 26, 2008

i think gastric flu hit me
next trip to dr ang seem like a million years away
i had a bad dream
i want to shit everyday
i need to go shopping for clothes
kelvin lee's jack russell is getting on my nerves
i have a packet of bee hoon
kelvin lee is on duty tonight
i want to swim
i think i see stretchmarks on my boobs
i miss F&N lessons in sch
my friends like desiree mabel and xuan have forgotten me
i am a cavewoman using oxy 10 everyday
is it ok to go prawning? i thought i shouldnt take lives since i have one little one in me
i am bored of my flip flops
i miss those days working late at night
there was cigarette ash in my swensens yam ice cream yesterday
the new channel okto sucks
high sch musical 3 gave me a bad headache
north point's renovation is so damn slow
yishun underpass is giving out fruit juice next week with every purchase of 8 days
i am not aunty
i am 18 young and crazy
kelvin lee wouldnt allow me to go powerhouse anymore
who'd go clubbing with a baby bump?
i haven heard loud crazy music for a long time
i used to have the latest songs but now i am far away from being hip n trendy
ive forgotten the taste of booze does it taste like um... milk?

this is horrible
i feel old