Monday, October 13, 2008

.... Part 2 yo

on our way back to niang jia
our adorable thai cousin

little miffi wants some love

unglam take one ; whose bride drinks fruit punch with mouth wide open unglam take two ; which bride sits like that
dozing off

my family
dad's side
mom's side

i didnt even had time to take a nap
had to spend like 40 mins in the bathroom to wash away the hairspray
had to rush over to the hotel early
chewed gum all the way
eventually puked the first thing i reached the hotel
bad start
but everything went well during the dinner
it was a crazy wild night
heh heh heh
the restaurant even packed our food for us
we brought it home and savoured it as late sinful supper of cos!

the VIP table
pretty babes counter crew

mom and in law
dad and in law

the first march in was crazy i didnt dare lift my head up
getting ready for our solemnization

i swear i almost had a nervous breakdown
i could feel blood rushing in me
my ears were red my heart was pounding
i was petrified
that took me alot of courage man
i dont frequently use the microphone to talk like that ya know
i didnt even used it for quite awhile....
.... at either kbox or partyworld

second march in was a breeze
i didnt have to worry about my tattoo being seen

daddy lee didnt let me drink alcohol at all not even a sip

he then presented this surprise speech which was really touching
and even had a slideshow ready
awww so sweet thanks dearie much appreciated!

i spent my whole monday compressing and uploading
my ass is cracking sitting on this platform
uncle lee wont be coming home until wednesday
hai home alone, nights alone.
i still have a whole lot of pictures with me
so friends pls be patient with me i'll try to send them out asap

im getting so lazy i cant seem to even move an inch
i am still upset about getting around in mrt here
khatib is so far away from the green line
dhoby ghaut used to be so easy to go to
but not anymore
the best place to meet and catch up with my friends is at
angmokio and i am so bored of that place
on a lighter note,
my love introduced me great delicious yummy prawn noodles
at paya lebar
i love it so much i ate it 2wice a week and still wants more
ok i should go to bed now
or else i cant wake to go to the market tmr
youth pls shine on me
i am not turning aunty i am not turning aunty i am not turning aunty
i am 18 i am young and hyper and very crazy
i am active i am playful i am young and im never old
ok god bless me youth goodnight