Sunday, July 27, 2008

Whines for wednesdays

My.Onion.Soup (aka mos) 2 Weds ago
Sat down with ah bao and xuan xuan
at Chomp chomp with no intentions to club

Then blue bird on a blue moon
reezer the phoenix asked me down to MOS
Reezer i am your 75cent friend!
mokkie and chanel on a total different level of the world ree's back withered & chanel thinks she is glass lolsnooked and very bothered about my eyeliner

then it was the same 3 girls crew down at PH last wednesday
ah bao taught us never to eat durians
if you know you're heading to a club later that night

but she did it
and downed bottles of beer to get rid of that stench

lesson learnt!
mangosteens and beer wont rid the smell of durians
no wonder its the king of fruits

alright im gon go be a bimbo now
ciao to paint my nails