Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bangkok Part One!

Checked in in the late noon

At our very own Changi airport

We couldn't hold our excitement

& were practically snapping shots wherever we went

hold that torch

mabel with her 10,001 expressions

we were real gluttons

there'd be food on board yet the few of us couldn't resist Popeyes!

spot that expression
her 10,001 facial expression

Yes, even in the toilet
Movies like Semi pro pretty much brought me to a whoa

They had all sorts of games but i still preferred my iPod

I didn't like the violent vacuum of the lavatory

But the food on board was yum!

(microwave might have been the best invention so far!)

we almost lost our way when we touched down

what's worst was we took forever to find

the guy who was supposed to bring us back to our hotel

poor pok cha had flu like out of nowhere

must have been real hard on him to hold his excitement

thus the insane sneezing

i like this picture know why?

i know this is gonna be so mean but he looks so much like him

spot XMEN'S Professor back behind us byebye bkk airport!

The mini bus brought us back to our lovely hotel ; Centrepoint!

We've been looking forward to meeting our hotel

We had a hard time searching for an agency which holds centrepoint
and it didn't disappoint us A WEE BIT!
the lobby mabel wants to be a strong bell boy
love the cosy lobby!

we got really excited when we got our keys

know what?

our rooms were just side by side and we could link tru each room!

deepfry panfry stirfry you name it, you got it ha ha

no signs of creepy crawlies!

your tub of victoria secrets bubble bath!
yes its more of an apartment than a hotel!

a hotel room with stereo hi fi sigh!
the door in our room that links to their room!by the time we unpacked and showered,

it was already midnight

but that didnt stop us

ha ha we went to have burgerking which operated 24/7

they had Pork burger and we were really happy

we were really amused & elated

HA HA HA you know i know we all know why

On our full day one,

It was Siam Paragon

followed by prayers at the four faced buddha

then i whined and whined for dunkin' donuts

that is an uncle with his hands on the sculpture. uncle

i bought an ugly bag pack at Siam Square

Impulsiveness kills

cos i saw really pretty bagpacks on day two

Dinner at IT CITY

the long lost A&W back in singapore

I bet Singaporeans flock that place


American breakfast followed by a sunny swim

Life is relaxing we were like kings and queens

Aww man i want to go back

Its the day ive been waiting for


It was helluva lot of shopping there

I almost went insane

I couldnt get enough of that freaking mall

Thus the very few pictures

( rest of the pictures with the girls will be out in BKK Part 2 hee)


Onward to chatuchak!

Pok cha and i got our goofy specs there!

I finally got mine!
When we got back from Chat,

Pok cha K.O-ed

while us girls went swimming, sauna and jacuzzi!

Dinner at Siam

COCA Steamboat!

my favourite crab's gong

We hurridly went back for our long awaited ...
.. Night of games
We sat separately with slips of paper
we churned our brains to think of forfeits
and wrote it down.
threw it all in a bag and sat down with cards and beer

mabel had to eat chips soaked in soya sauce, bang her head on the door, and eat mashed hard boiled eggs with soya sauce and icecubes
xuan had to put colgate on her lips for 30seconds (mild la haha) B had to bang his head against all the mirrors in BOTH rooms thats a hell lot of mirrors and had to design a costume with only a piece of towel followed by a manhunt walk ha ha ha ha

the video went missing and i dont know who the culprit is ugh!

mabel and her 10,002 expressions
i had to drink fanta with beer, pose like a sumo wrestler, and be told to dress up by the rest pictures aren't with me and i will be in trauma when the pictures are out
thank you pok cha for packing up my stuff for me on the last night HA HA HA
evil evil evil laughs*

Last day


Mabel introduced us this yummy thai milk tea and we love it

my favourite thai mango i will miss you mangie


chanel holds your boobs the airport's salmon was heavenly!

dragon tug o war

pok cha is sad
we were like ....

:what if this plane lands in singapore and a public announcement is made for this flight to return to bangkok for 2 months with financial support from the SG government daily and free stays over at Centrepoint for 2 full months including daily american breakfast

aite, this is saddening

i need another getaway trip soon i hope i can go to kuantan soon

this is one of my best buys

I am your flip flopper. $2 per pair I SNATCH