Tuesday, May 22, 2007

It has only been desiree and me attending school these days.
But we've been laughing and having a lot of fun in class
despite the absence of our lazy classmates.
p/s ( guys, this is to remind yall of how fun it is in class
so you guys will be motivated to come ok? )

I realised i havent been to athar for quite some time.
Weesiong, please don't be mad at me.
You see, if i go to athar, I'll keep fagging.
And I cant do that.
Cos my throat feels as though the jackfruit is still stuck there.
But i'll go soon ok?
Please ask june along, cos I wanna see her maiden.
Ive got loads of pictures ( like finally ) !!!

Oh, Ive gotten the pictures taken on ah lok day.
from desiree's blog.
It was fun!
Ruiting drove us to East coast and
we saw hell lot of army boys
How silly of me to think that my soldier is there.
How i hope Jolene'll sing that song again.
ha ha.

Can you spot me? Can you? Can you??
Was on the phone with my soldier.