Thursday, April 05, 2007

Once i overcome this stupid crisis
I swear im gna celebrate it heartily.

And of course,
I'd have to thank my lovely classmates
& My beloved pangsai ( ahem Ruiting )
For cheering me up
giving me advices
and finally ( someone who stands on my side )

You carry Dior bags,
And you got your Chanel
You wear LouisVuitton
HG and YSL
Now I got Bathing Ape
I got DCMA
I got brass knuckles hanging
From my neck and my chain

She she she don't wanna talk about it,
He he he wants to fight about it,
Me me I dont wanna fight about it,
I just wanna be about it,
I'm just trying to stay up out it,

Anyone still not in love with Goodcharlotte yet?