Saturday, April 21, 2007

Being a seventeen isn't that bad after all.
All thanks to my wonderful atharians
and my darlings from eddington.

The night before 20th

I met up with willie, anna, ruiting and desiree
down at gardens. went for dinner at chomp
and to a dark alley for emo camwhoring.
pictures taken turned out to be a joke
cabbed down to chinatown
went haywire at kbox camwhoring like drunkards.
( noone was drunk )

We left ard 3 am walked over to boat quay
sat around and started taking pictures (again)
after being hyper monkeys for such a long time,
we cabbed home around 5.


Willie and dinner.
my darlings^$%^! :)
The girls :DDesiree; eddington self-proclaimed president
Last two standing.
Trying v hard to get all of us in the pict. But sorry anna you somehow disappeared.
Desiree Anna
Anna Ruiting
Wonka and me

For the first time willie doest get his face shown in a pict.

I did NOT touch him The angle is so wrong.

Boat Quay

On my bday itself,
I went to over to meet shawn and the rest
They were so sweet to bring me out for steamboat
After dinner we went Can cafe and they
even suprised me with a cheesecake.
I didnt take any pictures pfft.
But they were all so sweet i love them all.