Saturday, March 10, 2007

hooray. pictures are here all thanks to shawn and elise.
these are the pictures taken on weesiong's birthday.
took so long for me to upload pictures
( it's really goddamn long )
here goes :
yonghui on the left and birthday boy on the right.baldwin on the left and darling on the right. ( for once my bones look fat. )wee u weet.baldwin and elise.shawn and me. ( ignore flabby arms. )an emo pict of me and bones. ultimate yayness.the guys digging a nice hole.jeremy checking the quality of the sand. nods head,and lies down in robotic manner.then some mysterious Minister lookalike came over and giggled here and theregroup pict.
byebye sentosa.
ktv for the night.happy birthday!

uploading a whole chunk of pictures is really tedious.