Saturday, March 17, 2007

Great. My phone is not repaired yet.
And I cant take pictures.
Skipped school today.

Im feeling sore all over
Bones and i had another session of pain yesterday.

Anyway, I've been thinking.
Does guys all adore goody girls more?
Let's not include those bengs who needs lians to complete their image.

How about some average guy
who has average looks and an so called average character.

Will he prefer some girl who looks alright but has all sorts of talents?
Girls who can play some violin or takes ballet classes.
or maybe even play the piano real well.
Will such talents turn on a guy?

Or will he prefer some girl who's happy go lucky
and doesnt have a profession?

Guys are a tough nut to crack.
And my brain is cracking from this brainstorm.