Tuesday, February 27, 2007

What's Your Guy Type?

You are :
46% into Comedians
26% into Jocks
20% into Artists
6% into Brainiacs

woo. alloy reads my mind like a book.
bwaha pretty true about me.
I cant live life without laughter.
And that should be my mantra.

Naturally, the quality i appreciate most in a guy,
is his killer sense of humor.
Oh yeah, bone's sense of humor kills all.

I'm back to my holiday mood.

Cos i stayed up all night to play the sims2.
I killed two sims last night and had 7 sims stuck in a room with no doors.
I had a huge graveyard at the back of my mansion
and Grim Reaper visits my place like everynight.

Two sims dead ; A policeman and a toddler.
Bwahaha. this is fun.