Tuesday, January 30, 2007

good day! its been awhile since i last updated here. busy with sch athar and fun.
im feeling the laziness in having to wake up early every morning. and i realised, the earlier i sleep at night, the tougher it is to wake the next morning. this is so called the SLEEP MORE AND FEEL TIRED EVEN MORE logic.
sounds weird when you translate mandarin straight to english.
i'm starting to dread every maths lessons, the assignments are extremely tedious.
but ive got nice classmates (: they somehow add joy and laughter in every class.
and of course, after a few days together, we tend to talk more and neglect the lessons taught. =D
sokling's joined our sch on monday but we were in different classes.
i wonder where's the march intake students gonna have their lessons.
two available classes are already packed. whatever~ its non of my business.

some people may think secondary school life is memorable.
i seriously think it sucks. not about gossips.
it's just school politics between you and me.
fret not, ive nothing to be afraid of now.