Friday, January 26, 2007

after only one lesson of Poa, i've concluded that it totally suck. it was plain boring. thank god i get to take a break and sleep til noon today, it's friday and i dont have lessons :D it was a long day for me yesterday. after having to bear with the boring lessons of poa, the few of us went to have lunch. after this and that, we brought wonka to some eyebrow trimming. he was twitching like some stick insect. i went to pharmacy, spent 26 on two small tubes of emla. and i know now, i cant live without it. hurried over to baldwin's place, did my peony on me with the help of emla. EMLA'S MY BESTEST FRIEND. took about 1 and a half hours. baldwin got his leg inked by shawn at night. i cant stop thinking about emla. it's miraculous! just realised extraordinary could be a better word. the dictionary says ; extraordinary - totally unexpected, extraordinary, and marvellous.