Wednesday, October 18, 2006

hello people. this is what i've done in the wonderful class today. it is so precious to me cos i've spent almost the whole morning to complete it and i used my very hardworking and focused soul to get it done well. i din't brush through the activity with lousy work ok! :D but seriously, why cant singapore salons be as smart as thailand's? bangkok's salons uses a machine which is very much handy to set the plaits. WHY MUST SINGAPOREANS DO IT D-I-Y? i kinda pity the hairdressers out there. and oh yes, the instructor who looked like the gay version of Sam Lee is very kind in teaching me the other way of plaits which got me doing it over and over again like a mad cow. others already were proceeding to the other hairstyles except for me and boonkwang. but we did our job well and took pictures of them once we completed. HOHO. now now, i am so hungry and i have nothing to chew or bite on at home except for the inedible substances like dog shits and leathered furniture. im no termite, so i'd wait for darling to bring me out to eat later on. oh damn! my form teacher caught me again for not attempting to put on an extra shirt to cover up the rose and SHE TOLD ME SHE HAS ONE ON HER BACK HERSELF. but definitely not a rose i guess. she says she herself has to cover it cos' she is working in an environment where she herself is an example to all. fine fine. i'll have to get a shirt on INSIDE MY UNIFORM WHICH WILL BE LIKE VERY HOT AND SWEATY INSIDE SO THAT I CAN HAVE PEACE AND AVOID ALL TEACHER'S NAGS. i cant wait for friday cos' we'll be doing rebondings and perming NOT MANUALLY, but with the help of the very useful high technology modern machines which some smart asses have invented. THANK YOU SMART WHIZZES! :D